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The Ultimate SEO and common methods

The definition of the SEO “Search Engine Optimisation” held today in one word: “communication”. To successfully optimise how your content (website pages, blog articles …) appear in the results of search engines, we must in our view be “quality”. Called SEO has grown strongly on the web in recent years. The search engines have improved their tools online content analysis, and confirm this trend. If you do not master this type of SEO, it’s time to get started! A brief overview of the key points to know.
What to remember for your SEO in 3 stepsSEO is THE way to make your existing website. Here’s what to retain, in three stages:
Step 1: Play fair playPlay Fair involves developing your website, your blog, your presence on social networks … without cheating! Do not duplicate unnecessary pages, or inappropriate links unrelated to your topic (literally as figuratively!), And above all do not make copy-pasted in their content. Early on, personalize your content and target the needs of your customers. In writing your text, if you respond in a personal way and just their needs, you already achieved 90% of the work !Step 2: Publish interesting content!

To generate traffic with SEO, you need to attract links from other sites to you. To do this, you need to generate interesting content and integrate into existing online communities: in blogs, forums and social networks in particular. As such, forget sponsored articles and false comments, your e-reputation would suffer!

Think ahead to the type of content that you post: internal links, external links, a clear and effective writing … Your texts should be primarily personal to arouse the interest of your readers.

Step 3: manage SEO

Managing SEO, is learning to be determined. You must act as if Google was a rather unusual drive with its programmer codes, but a player anyway. As such, do not abuse links or keyword phrases in the same article to avoid making the reading. Balance as much as possible your content: paragraphs, links, visuals.

From the design of your site, think about its structure : it must be built to facilitate the reading of the visitor, and ergonomics must be functional in its use. Choose a technical base solid and reliable: on this point, the Neocamino teams can offer you a free diagnosis .

Keep in mind that every visitor should feel good about your site and quickly find what he seeks.

Resume SEO definition to play with the mysteries of Google.

Can we really outsmart Google? No, according to him, but he must know some tricks.

First, I insist: do not play smarter! Integrate real links, and real content to be, as we have seen, very personal. To choose better a shorter and incisive text that a longer article but “empty” or “hollow” as when “embroiders” a dissert ‘to school … we all did.

Specifically, it is the quality of content that the latest version of the Google search engine encourages. Suddenly, the giant US should encourage small and micro businesses in the long term , as these small businesses prefer this type of content. Go for it!

See in this regard Article Google and the dedicated section of the Huffington Post

3 myths about SEO:

1. SEO is still paying

FALSE. For SEO, you pay nothing for Google, it’s time, energy and skills you need to invest. SEO is mostly accessible to anyone who knows phrases in French and is careful to publish interesting content regularly.

2. At least one year before starting to be referenced in the Google SEO

FALSE. By planning your actions a few months and taking you to this schedule, you quickly get significant results. If you are regular readers of this blog, you know, this process is accessible, and by application of self-denial, you can begin … now!

3. Google will always be a step ahead of the SEO So I drop

FALSE and FALSE-RE. Google tends to favor high-quality content and goes in the direction of SOHO and small . Because the high quality, it is above all the customisation, and your DNA. In summary, your small business is your higher-value, take advantage of the SEO!

It’s your turn !

You are remarkable, you can learn techniques to users whom you want to talk, entertain the community that vibrates like passions with you, and this definition of SEO.


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